Soul Binding is a way of collecting Pet Souls, Exotic Elixir, Moon Stones, and Adamant . Visit Captain Dash in Peacock City or use the Navigation shortcut to begin. Soul Talisman are required to soul bind and you can only bind up to 18 times a day.

How to Soul BindEdit

Pick a pet from your owned pets using the "Change Pet" button. All this does is select which Pet Soul you want the chance to collect. Press any of the open slots to use a Soul Talisman and get a prize. Once you've binded all 9 slots, a new set of spaces will open up. These new slots will cost 2 Soul Talisman. The Soul Binder slots will automatically reset each day.

If you run out of Soul Talisman, you can spend 10 Ingots per slot for the first set and 20 Ingots per slot for the second set.

Soul TalismanEdit

Soul Talisman can be collected from summoning, dissolving, or by completing certain Clan Quests.